Boy Emails Girl

Well, another dull work week has come to an end and I am now off for yet another weekend. Now I am stuck as far as what to do. I have recovered somewhat from the chaos of last week, but I am still pretty busy at ol’ Wally World, especially now since the Christmas shopping season has officially started.

One thing that happened this week was that I got a new international “email pal.” And yes, it’s a girl and she’s from Russia. It is still too early to get into details but so far she seems pretty nice. So we’ll see how it goes from there. Well, I did have a previous email relationship with another Russian girl which didn’t end very well and don’t ask what happened please. Where this correspondence will go is anyone’s guess but it can be summed up by this line from a song I heard recently: “The rest is still unwritten.”

This isn’t the only news that involves women and the Web for me. The other day on Myspace, I saw that an old friend from school left me a comment on my page wishing me a happy Thanksgiving. That was pretty good so I should probably leave her a message before I leave here today and give her my regular email address so she can keep in touch with me even on the days where I cannot make it up to HCCC to check Myspace, especially now that winter’s on its way. It’s supposed to snow pretty good tonight. Good thing I’m not working.

In some ways, it is a lot easier to meet women online than it is to meet them out in the real world. I wish they had sites like Myspace and Cupid back when I was in school. If that was the case, then I probably would have been married a long time ago. But you never can tell in this high-tech digital world we live in.


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