How Bizarre

Last night as I was going to bed, I got a call at around one in the morning, which is really bizarre because I usually do not get any calls at one in the morning. Once I answered my phone, I heard this female voice say, “You’re sexy.” Again, it was really bizarre because I haven’t given out my number to anyone, not even when I am on the web. I kept asking her who she was and she gave me two different names. Then I asked her who she was looking for and if she was looking for someone else, that she had the wrong number. Then she hung up.

My caller ID said that the call was a private call, so I don’t know where the call originated. It didn’t sound like it came from a phone sex hotline. Usually if I do get calls like that, the calls are usually automated anyway and I hang up. It may have just been someone with the wrong number. The thing is that it was a really weird call for me, probably the weirdest call I have ever received. I’ll have to keep an eye out on the phone to see if she calls again.

And then I have an update on my attack at Wally World last February. The guy who attacked me with a baseball bat got sentenced to five years probation. So that means that my legal drama is over. I am just trying to put this behind me and so far I have done a pretty good job of that.

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