Memories of OJ

A little while ago I was watching the final chapter in the OJ Simpson trial on as he was sentenced to 33 years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping. Even though the judge said that the outcome of his historic murder trial years earlier would not be a factor in the sentencing, many cannot help but assume that justice has finally been served. So I figured I tell you a little story.

I remember seeing the verdict in OJ’s murder trial in high school. I was about a few weeks into my junior year when that trial was ending. My art teacher had borrowed a TV from the school and had it on the channel covering OJ’s trial. Even then, some of the people in my class, including myself believed he was guilty of murder, and I still do. That made it even more shocking when the verdict of not guilty was read in the courtroom.

And of course they called that trial “the trial of the century,” and I do have some experience researching another famous trial of the century. And obviously I am referring to my old friend Chester Gillette. Speaking of which, my book on him is almost done. I have two chapters left to do and then I’ll be done with that, and I also plan to include Chester’s trial in the upcoming “Welcome to Herkimer” video I have planned along with footage from inside the 1834 Jail.

Anyway, back to OJ. Last year when they first aired the story about OJ’s arrest for the armed robbery incident in Las Vegas on the Today show, I was like, “There’s no way he’s walking away from that.” And this time, I was right. I was pretty much ecstatic when I heard that he was convicted of the armed robbery charge and when I was watching the news this morning announcing that his sentencing was today, I had to check it out. In fact, I almost forgot about it until I saw a Twitter post reminding me about it so I went to and I saw the live sentencing for myself.

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So there’s my two cents on the OJ sentencing. Aside from that, nothing really going on except for the fact that it’s really cold out and we were supposed to get a lake effect snow storm today, but we only got a dusting this morning. But the cold is still a reminder of why I hate winter.


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