Social Media Stranger

            Just another day in good ol’ H-town. Same routine day in and day out. I wake up, go to school, check my email, hang out on Facebook and go to work. Welcome to my life.
Somehow I got up thinking that this day would be different. However I did not know how wrong I was going to be. Life has a funny way of playing tricks on you like that. Should have picked up on that by now but I still haven’t.
My cell phone rings. I answer it. It’s a text reminding me I have something due for class that day. I texted my friend back that I have the project done and then I am out the door, not realizing what awaited me when I walked outside.
Something weird happened. It seemed like the whole town was deserted. That was completely out of the ordinary. I was used to seeing all the hustle and bustle whenever I left for school in the morning. Every so often someone would pass by and say hi to you. However today Herkimer was like a virtual ghost town that had been abandoned for years. It was as though I somehow got myself transported back to the Dark Ages.
Did someone slip something in my drink last night? This was impossible since I normally did not go out to parties or to the bars for that matter. I was not a party person and was not likely to become one in the near future. Those who had tried to drag me out to parties usually ended up sorely disappointed when I didn’t show up.
If it wasn’t that, it was something else.
I walked up to the nearest person I saw approaching me on the street. “Hey, fella,” I said. “How come it’s so quiet today?”
The man looked at me as though I was the first person he had seen in ages. “What do you mean it’s so quiet?,” the man replied. “It’s been quiet here for years. Who are you anyway?”
I apologized for bothering him and moved on. I still believed that the streets were not like this yesterday. I kept telling myself that this was a dream. Either that or somehow I became part of The Twilight Zone. But The Twilight Zone wasn’t real. That crap only existed on TV. So what the hell was this strange world I was walking into?
Suddenly it dawned on me. Was this what it means to be involved in the world of social media for so long that you forgot what the real world was like? Was this the world I was in now? A world where nobody knows or cares if you’re alive? I knew I was a loner by nature and by reputation and I knew I did not like dramatic entanglements that came with being involved in actual social interactions but if the price for that was to be confined to a world of absolute silence then I really did not want to be stuck in a world that was completely isolated.
Maybe it was time for me to change my ways. Maybe it was time for me to abandon everything I had known my whole life and try to be part of the world. After all, it can’t really be that bad can it?

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