Ghosts of Halloween Past

This week’s Halloween episode features a review of a certain controversial ghost-related reboot as well as a Legends of the Blackcat about my Halloweens growing up. Plus I recall walking through a haunted cornfield during my time at Herkimer College.


Blackcatloner in Puerto Rico

A Throwback Thursday reupload of an installment of Legends of the Blackcat from last year where I talk about my trip to Puerto Rico during high school.

Adapted from my memoir post, “Finding Paradise” on my writing site Tales of the Blackcat:

Red Hook High School Drifter

An extended version of my first Legends of the Blackcat vlog about my life at Red Hook High School during the 90’s.

The written version of my high school story is here:


Legends of the Blackcat: Where Was I on 9/11?

All-new installment of Legends of the Blackcat where I talk about where I was and what I was doing on 9/11.

I have a written version of the story as a memoir on my writing site, Tales of the Blackcat:

Legends of the Blackcat: An Ode to My Childhood

A Legends of the Blackcat installment vlog where I talk about my childhood growing up in Red Hook, NY during the 80’s and 90’s.


The written version of An Ode to My Childhood for my website Tales of the Blackcat: