Kitten Purring

I figure I’d test out uploading videos to YouTube through my phone by showing off this quick video of my mother’s kitten Loki purring.

Mama Cat Watches YouTube!

Today’s Throwback Thursday video is from 2008 and it is the follow-up video to the Cat in the Ceiling video I did with a cat we had at the time named Mama Cat (she had since died) where she is sitting in the chair watching herself on YouTube as well as the famous Two Talking Cats video.

Cat in the Ceiling!

While I was making dinner, my brother-in-law’s cat, Mama Cat decided to find her way through a removable panel that I have in the bathroom near the shower and she managed to poke her head through the ceiling in the kitchen just as I was fixing dinner. I heard this meowing and then I saw her head poking out. And it just so happened that I had my handy dandy camcorder downstairs at the time so I could capture the moment and after work the next morning, I ran it through the ol’ Movie Maker and I put it up on YouTube.