There Will Be Fireworks…

Even though it’s New Year’s Day, today’s Throwback Thursday vlog is from the 4th of July, 2010 where I look at the damage caused by a tornado that I apparently slept through and didn’t get near my house and as the title promises, there will be fireworks.


A Walk Through Herkimer

Today’s Throwback Thursday video is a vlog from 2010 where I take a moment while walking home from work to show off my town of Herkimer. Plus I share a really weird story of what happened when I took a walk to work one night.

A Walk on the Erie Canal Trail

In today’s Throwback Thursday video from 2010, I offer a video about the first time I went out for a walk on the Erie Canal Trail that runs from the old Fort Herkimer Church all the way to the Movac Ambulance headquarters near the Thruway entrance in Mohawk..

The music in the video was provided by the late Nathan Wills:

Roxalana Druse: The Forgotten Central New York Murder Case (Vlog)

It’s that time again: Another Throwback Thursday video and today’s Throwback video is from 2010 where I talk about a dark chapter in Herkimer County history: The forgotten murder case of Roxalana Druse, a woman who was convicted of murdering her abusive husband in the late 19th century and whose case was eventually overshadowed by the Chester Gillette case.

Also this week I reedited the original post for the blog portion of this story because my Yahoo Contributor Network account expires today. The link for it is right here: