Blackcat Riffs: Halloween Safety (1985)

What better way to celebrate Halloween (and my eight-year anniversary on YouTube) than with a special Halloween riff on a Halloween Safety movie from the 80’s.


Blackcat Riffs: Roscoe’s Rules

I have officially received my new laptop and you know what that means (besides the fact that I’m back in school again.) That means I am back to making videos. And the first video I have uploaded to YouTube today is my creepy toy bear riff that I originally posted to Blip last year but since I am starting over on YouTube again I figure I’d start with that one.

Blackcat Riffs: SEX MADNESS!

Today I riff on one of the most infamous (not to mention longest) Public Domain educational movies ever produced: Sex Madness, which was produced by the same people who brought you Reefer Madness. It’s got it all: Hot girls, lesbians, creepy guys, syphilis, bad acting, bad sound quality and bad writing as only a typical 1930’s movie can produce.

This one was a bit of a challenge to create (and not just because of its nearly hour-long running time,) but primarily because the sound quality was so bad that it was hard to determine where to put the jokes and I actually had more jokes but I had to cut quite a bit out because of complications with my editing software.

So if you have an hour to spare today, check it out. Enjoy!