Episode 2- Black Friday Liquor Store Fire, Religious Movies, Batman vs. Superman Review

I had to repost my second podcast from 2016 where I talk about a liquor store fire that happened during Black Friday at work. I also talk about reviewing religious movies and review Batman vs. Superman.


Episode 14- Blackcat Book Club- Murder of a Herkimer County Teacher by Dennis Webster

A podcast version of a Blackcat Book Club installment where I review a book about the 1914 Jean Gianini murder case where one of the first schoolteacher murders in American history took place.

Friday the 13th Retrospective

My podcast now has a new home on anchor.fm. First up, a video from 2013 converted to podcast format where I do a retrospective on the Friday the 13th franchise.

Blackcatloner Reviews The LEGO Movie and the Robocop Remake





A double-feature review where I review the latest hit phenomenon The LEGO Movie and the remake of Robocop.

UPDATE: Since I was unable to reedit the video so I could put it up on the site because of the poor video quality, I had to convert the video to MP3 and reupload it as a podcast. It is downloadable from the site and it’s free.