Q & A

Today we’re going to do something a little different and a little more fun. Today we’re going to do a little question and answer thing that I do on myyearbook.com and usually gets published to both my Facebook and my Twitter. On Yearbook, I usually accept any type of questions from people unless either the person who is asking me the questions is anonymous or if the question pertains to a certain three-letter word that starts with “s” and makes the world go round. So without further ado, let’s begin.

1) Q: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: Well, when I was a kid, I wanted to be either a writer or an actor when I grew up. And in a way, I sort of accomplished both thanks to the    Internet, most notably this blog and what I do on YouTube and blip.tv.

2) Q: What sport do you suck at?

A: In high school, I didn’t play sports even though my junior high teacher was trying to get me to go out for track. The closest I ever got was being the manager of my high school girls’ basketball team. Nonetheless, I took a guess and said hockey.

3) Q: Would you ever go skydiving?

A: I have thought about going skydiving and I would like to try it, as long as I was assured that there would be no parachute malfunctions.

4) Q: What does it take for a girl to get you to ask her out on a date? This was asked by a woman who lives in Utica by the way.

A: That’s a very good question. I’m still not sure. Usually the girl is the one who asks me out.

5) Q: What’s your favorite fast food restaurant?

A: McDonald’s.

6) Q: What is one thing you would do to make the world better?

A: Well that’s a very good question. For starters, I would say recycle.

7) Q: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A: Hopefully famous and successful.

8) Q: Have you ever tried yoga?

A: No. I have considered trying yoga though, being I do work out.

9) Q: Which video game do you like better, Q-Bert or Frogger?

A: Before I answer this, for those of you who don’t know what Q-Bert and Frogger are, they’re classic video games that came out during the arcade boom of the early 80’s, although Frogger was wonderfully parodied on a classic episode of “Seinfeld.” The answer is I love them both, even though my all-time favorite game is “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” for Playstation 2.

10) Q: Would you ever go on a blind date?

A: Nope. They never work out.

11) Q: Would you date a blind person?

A: That’s a difficult question. So I would say I don’t know.

12) Q: What new movie do you want to see?

A: Well I do want to see “Iron Man 2.” It just opened yesterday but I’m probably not going to be able to see it until probably next weekend. Plus I also want to see the new “A-Team” movie and “Predators” looks pretty good too.

13) Q: Have you ever been arrested or charged with a crime?

A: Nope, I have never been arrested or charged with a crime. 

14) Q: Do you take your coffee black or with extra cream and sugar?

A: I take it black.

15) Q: Are you married?

A: No, I’m not married. And I’m not looking for marriage either.

16) Q: What’s your opinion on friends with benefits?

A: I’m all for it and in fact I like that idea better than marriage.

17) Q: What’s your worst subject in school?

A: When I was in school, my worst subjects in school were math and science.

18) Q: Would you move to another country to be with the one you love?

A: If I had the money and if I didn’t have any reason to stay where I am now, absolutely. But for now, I am not relocatable.

19) Q: Would you rather be rich or famous?

A: I would rather be both.

20) Q: Did you know the scruffy look (in reference to my five o’clock shadow) is sexy on you?

A: Yes I do. In fact, during my time on the web, I noticed that a lot of women like the scruffy look on men better than clean-shaven. In fact when I am clean shaven, I look too much like a kid and when you’re a single man in your 30’s like I am, that is clearly no way to look.

OK, that just about does it. I’m sure I will be doing another one of these soon. In the meantime, the video version of this set of questions will be on this week’s episode of “The Adventures of Blackcatloner” which is coming out later today.


The Big 3-0

Well, last Tuesday was a big milestone for me. As of that Tuesday (February 12), I am now officially the big 3-0. That’s right, I am now 30 years old. It pretty much means a lot of things, but the biggest meaning of all is that the best years of my life are now behind me, or they could be just beginning. It all depends on your point of view.

The night before my birthday, I was able to take a personal day off from work. It was pretty much a good thing I did too. The weather that day was not very good and it was very cold that day, not to mention the fact that if I had gone to work that night and my co-workers had found out about my birthday, they probably would have announced it over the PA and you know how that can be. So in other words, I was pretty smart to take a personal day.

Prior to my birthday, I had been spending some time at the other library because of the weather and other things. I also have taken a “side job” of sorts by shoveling snow for the Historical Society on days when it snows, so that gives me a little extra money a week. I also used the personal day to get some more work done on my book because I really need to get that done and that pretty much ties in with the fact that I have in fact gotten older. I just don’t want to look back on my life and regret not having been able to do things I wanted to do, and there are other things besides write my book that I haven’t done yet but want to do.

The Same Old Grind

So far not much has been happening from this neck of the woods. I am at HCCC tonight and it is about an hour and a half before I go to work. Since the weather held out today, I figured that today would be a good day to come up and have some more fun on the ol’ web before going back to the grind.

It’s pretty hard to come up with new material since nothing really has been going on, so I figured that I would come up with something relatively different. I am now officially three weeks away from the big 3-0. I decided to take another personal day off from work on February 11. Hopefully, I got it.

Well, I have quite a bit going on in February aside from the fact that I am turning 30 this year. I also have to attend a book signing at the Historical Society on the 23rd in connection with the recent release of the book based on Chester Gillette’s diary. You can read more about that on the “Chester and Grace” site.

And then I’m also probably going to be doing the Heart Run again this year in Utica. I have been receiving some things for it in the mail. I should have more details on that soon. Yessiree, I have a whole lot going on, not to mention the fact that I have to get my book finished. I am pretty close to the end as far as that goes and I am still aiming to get that done and out by sometime this year.

The Year Of Opportunity

It is absolutely amazing. This year went by so fast. I can’t believe that New Year’s is only three days away. I’m sorry that I haven’t been here so much the last couple of weeks. It’s just that I have been really busy with things, both online as well as at work, especially with the Christmas shoppers at work. And over the holiday, I ended up with a three-day weekend off from the ‘Net. I spent Christmas Eve sleeping and Christmas Day working on my book until it was time to go to work. Yes, I did work on Christmas night, but the store didn’t open until the following morning.

Last weekend was Christmas for my brother-in-law’s kids in which I gave them all gift cards. This weekend is the grown-up’s Christmas. Anyway, I ended up doing some last-minute shopping this morning before coming in to go online. I also have another three-day weekend from the ‘Net to look forward to because of New Year’s. However, I still do have to work both days. I won’t be back online until Wednesday and by then it will be a new year: 2008.

As I have mentioned before, this year has been really crazy. It started off pretty much with me getting attacked at work by some customer with a baseball bat. That story is still not over yet, but he is still in jail, now awaiting sentencing, which won’t be until February. Then in March, I officially opened this site and ended my Yahoo site after that. I also created my “Cat A Day” site back in August. And if that isn’t the icing on the cake, I found that my online popularity had been increasing significantly. Just think, pretty soon I’ll be another Internet success story and who knows where that will lead.

I also have a book that I am working on, which is still not completed yet although it is pretty close. I started it last December, but was preempted because of the Valentine’s Day blizzard and then my assault at work. I didn’t get back on track with that until the summer. Now I am pretty close to the end. Hopefully within the next month or so, I will be ready to submit it to a publisher.

And so I must close the first year of this site by thanking those of you who have supported me throughout the course of this site and hopefully you will continue to stick around because hopefully, the best is yet to come.

Home Stretch

Well, we are now coming into the home stretch of what has been a really crazy year for me. Just four more weeks to go and then it will be 2008 and hopefully then things will really be looking up for me.

This past week has been pretty slow and somewhat uneventful. To deal with the time, I continued to surf the web, watch some videos on YouTube, tried to continue working on my book, and working at ol’ Wal-Mart. The weekend before, I started going back to the Historical Society to continue working on my book there. Progress is still a little slow but it’s getting there. I still have high hopes that I will be done with the book by early next year.

Hopefully this week, I am planning to start my Christmas shopping because I get paid this week. I still have very little ideas about what I am planning to get for everyone, but hopefully by this weekend, I should have some ideas about what to get people. Other than that, I don’t really have a whole lot of ideas about what to do this week other than of course work on the book as well as some other things.

Oh, yeah. I also came up with an idea for next year. I am considering entering my cat Arthur in next year’s Pet of the Year competition for the Herkimer Telegram. The library entered their cat Sydney in this year’s competition and he came in ninth. Oh, well. At least he got honored as a pet of the month and he will be in the Telegram’s 2008 calendar. In addition to that he has a blog site, which can be found here on Blogger, as well as his own Myspace page. I have a link to Syd’s blog site so after you read this blog, go to my links section and click on the link marked “Syd the Bibliocat” and it will take you directly to the site. If you have Myspace, click on the link to my profile and you’ll see that Syd is number five on my friends list. Just look for the picture of a cat sitting in front of a book. If you want, once you see his profile, send him a friend invite for me.

The only other thing to watch out for this week is the weather. It snowed pretty much all last week and it is probably going to be the same for this week. It’s a good thing I watch the weather on the news at work during last break so I can plan what days to go to HCCC and what days not to, so that way I can continue to maintain my Myspace page without having to take another two-month hiatus like I was forced to do last year because of the public library’s “No Myspace” rule.