Let’s Do This Again…

One Lone Cat is back with a new vlog where I talk about everything from losing my YouTube partnership to my attempts to get healthy and going into the world of cryptocurrency.

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So This is What 40 Looks Like

FB_IMG_1523389077416It’s been a while since I have written a blog post that wasn’t promoting a podcast or anything. Since I am having some difficulty conveying what I’m about to write here in a video for One Lone Cat, I figure that while I am at The Rose Quartz Stand covering for my mother today, I would do a written post today to bring you up to speed on what has been going on.

To say that 2018 has been an interesting year is little more than an understatement. For starters, I lost my YouTube partnership back in February because my channel did not meet the new requirements that YouTube put forth in the wake of the whole Logan Paul scandal where he filmed a dead body hanging from a tree and made jokes about it. The new requirements to be a YouTube partner is to have 4000 views within a 12-month period AND 1000 subscribers, neither of which my channel had. It’s not really that big of a loss for me in the long run because even if I wasn’t already going to quit YouTube over the Adpocalypse last year and just upload videos to the site, the whole losing my partnership thing would have been the deciding point for me.

After I got the notice about my partnership ending, I upgraded the site yet again to the business plan because I needed more file space to finish uploading my back catalog and with the business plan, I have unlimited storage space so I can upload videos indefinitely. As of now, I think that I have reedited and uploaded about 75 percent of my back catalog. The longer videos I had to convert to podcast so I can fit them on the site because I have a 2 GB file upload limit. And that’s not including the new content from One Lone Cat I put up in December and January.

As far as YouTube goes, I also had to cancel my AdSense account so I could get my YouTube earnings even though it was under the 100-dollar limit. And since I am no longer affiliated with Google I guess it’s safe to disclose how much I made from Google. I ended up with about 76 dollars and out of that, I only made 30 dollars from YouTube in the six years I’ve been in the Partner Program. The remaining amount came from my Blogger sites, most specifically the Chester Gillette site. Unfortunately my Google check had to go toward my property tax.

What a way to celebrate 10 years as a YouTube video maker.

FB_IMG_1523389095188If that wasn’t bad enough, my cat Crumb died just before St. Patrick’s Day. She was seventeen years old which in cat years is pretty old. I just want to say thanks for all the well-wishers and support. And it was great that she got to spend her closing years with me and I was able to share her with you on One Lone Cat and on Instagram.

However, not everything that has been going on this year has been bad. In that aspect, I started diving into the wonderful world of cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin and ethereum. I tried to buy about a hundred dollars in Bitcoin but my bank card’s anti-fraud system kicked in. So I got the idea that if I can’t buy bitcoin, I would mine for it instead. So I installed apps on my phone where I would be able to mine for bitcoin and ethereum and set up a Blockchain wallet. If anything, even if I don’t have a wife and kids, I might as well have a decent retirement.

And I turned 40 years old this year. Kind of makes you wonder how your life went by so fast. And I know that there is a stigma attached to men who are 40 and single with no baby mama drama but I’m starting to realize that I’m actually in a better spot than I realized. I am coming up on one year living alone; I’m financially independent; and I lost twelve pounds in the last month. But then again I still don’t drive and that will probably always be my Achilles’ heel when it comes to women.

As you know, I have been filling in at The Rose Quartz Stand since late last year. Well actually I’ll be filling in a little more frequently for the next couple of weeks (with the exception of days where I have to work at my real job) because my father is having open-heart surgery done on Thursday. So things are going to be crazy for a little while.

All things considered, I still think that 2018 is going to be my year. Big things are coming this year. Hopefully I’ll get back to making more content, even though I am unsure what direction I want to take the site in now that I no longer have YouTube. Whether it is more One Lone Cat vlogs or more podcasts or revert back to writing as I did when I first started this site a decade ago. Either way I should have something soon.

In the meantime, I hope this post will tide you over until then.

Good-bye, YouTube. Hello Website

One Lone Cat is back in its new home on the site. While I fill in for my folks at the Rose Quartz Stand, I talk about why I decided to post videos to the site instead of YouTube and show off the Christmas decorations in town. Oh, and Crumb gets a new bed.