If I Were Pluto…



If I were Pluto, I would be pissed off about not being a planet anymore. I mean, come on. I have been labeled a planet for years and years only to have it taken away? What the hell? Talk about a major buzzkill. I wanna get on the horn with the idiot scientist who made that decision about me not being a planet and tell them that size doesn’t matter and to give me my title back.

I mean how would they feel if I discovered Earth wasn’t a planet? They would be a little pissed off too. But hey, who am I to argue with men of science? After all, they know best. Nobody really paid any attention to me when I was a planet so what makes people think that they would pay attention to me now that I am the outcast?

See where I am getting at here? That’s the story of my life. I don’t get any respect no matter what I am.

The following was a short story based on a journal entry I wrote for my Creative Writing class way back in my first semester at Herkimer College. At the time it was widely debated as to whether or not Pluto actually was a planet as I was originally raised to believe. I guess it is a debate that goes on to this day.