Another Early Work Day

An all-new One Lone Cat that I originally filmed on Wednesday where I go in to work much earlier than usual for the holidays. Also I talk about how my plans to look into Bitcoin and other ways to support this site and name Russian Instagram model Galina Dub as this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday.

Here is the link to her Instagram:


Good-bye, YouTube. Hello Website

One Lone Cat is back in its new home on the site. While I fill in for my folks at the Rose Quartz Stand, I talk about why I decided to post videos to the site instead of YouTube and show off the Christmas decorations in town. Oh, and Crumb gets a new bed.

Jump the #WCW Shark!- 9/20/17

Here’s one of the One Lone Cat vlogs I forgot to add to the site when I first uploaded it to the One Lone Cat YouTube channel. In this one, I celebrate the 40th anniversary of the day a certain leather-clad sitcom character jumped over a shark and made TV history.

Painting My Front Door

For the last couple of weeks, I have started the renovation of my house. I started with painting the front door of my house blue. This is basically the biggest project I have taken on at this point.

Then two weeks later, I painted the other side of my door as you can see below:

And then I got the idea that I would paint my back door by the kitchen the same color:

This is something that obviously won’t be done overnight but at least it’s a start as far as getting my house in order.

And in case you haven’t seen any videos from my daily vlog series lately, I have decided to take a little break, especially since now it’s fall and nothing has been going on. So that’s why I’ve been sharing more Instagram pics on the site lately.