Not a Blackcat Was Stirring…

In this classic vlog from 2012, Blackcatloner talks about how he spent his Christmas and shares a customized Christmas carol from Utica.

The 12 Days of Utica Christmas song was written and performed by Dave Wheeler and Keith James. I will be posting the video below this one and for more like that, their channel is

Anyway, here is the video for the 12 Days of Utica Christmas if you want to watch it after watching my vlog:


All Raptured Out

Last Friday, I decided to go out and party with the atheists (I’ll tell you why I made that remark in a minute) at Mohawk Field Days. There I got to see the local band known as the Fulton Chain Gang. They’re a band that plays covers of country and southern rock music. They did a pretty awesome job.

And that brings me up to the reason I said the line “party with the atheists.” All last week, many Christians’ panties were up in a bunch because a guy predicted that the world was going to end May 21 (last Saturday.) In fact, people were throwing Rapture parties as well. I think I may have seen one on my way home from the trail. However, the proposed time of the end of the world has come and gone and guess what? We’re still here! People have been predicting the end of the world for hundreds of years and every time they have been wrong. And to those people I just laugh my ass off at that.

And even after that, the same guy that predicted that the world was going to end last Saturday said he miscalculated and is now saying that the Rapture is really gonna happen on October 21, and again I call bollocks to that. The world didn’t end last Saturday, it’s not going to end October 21 and it’s definitely not going to end in 2012. So take some advice, old man, free of charge: Get over yourself!

And finally some sad news: Last Thursday, I was watching an AngryAussie video and I was saddened to learn that Kipp Williamson, his musical collaborator on YouTube under the username VortexProducer died last weekend of a sudden illness. He was only 23 years old. It’s kind of like the old Billy Joel song, “Only the Good Die Young.” And with that, I dedicated this week’s vlog to him. So Kipp, whereever you are, godspeed to you, pal.