Born Again

Today marks 10 years since I first started this site. Here is the first blog post reposted.


Hello, everyone. I am Blackcatloner. Hello, everyone. I am Blackcatloner. Hello, everyone and welcome to my third blog site on the Internet. I just can’t believe that I am still online after over a year as an Internet blogger. I operate a blog site on called “Ultimate Blackcatloner.” I also operate a site on called “Chester and Grace: The Real American Tragedy,” which is about the famous Chester Gillette murder case, the event that made my area famous. If you haven’t already, you should really check that out. However, I got to thinking: How can people who don’t have access to Yahoo view my other blog site? My solution: Create another one.

First off, I am known on here by my Internet name: “Blackcatloner.” I operate on a computer at a public library in Herkimer, N.Y., at the same computer that I have operated on for over a year now. When I am…

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