Blackcat Book Club: Murder of a Herkimer County Teacher by Dennis Webster

In this all-new installment of the Blackcat Book Club, I take a look at a true crime story written by a local author about the notorious 1914 Jean Gianini murder case.


Roxalana Druse: The Forgotten Central New York Murder Case (Vlog)

It’s that time again: Another Throwback Thursday video and today’s Throwback video is from 2010 where I talk about a dark chapter in Herkimer County history: The forgotten murder case of Roxalana Druse, a woman who was convicted of murdering her abusive husband in the late 19th century and whose case was eventually overshadowed by the Chester Gillette case.

Also this week I reedited the original post for the blog portion of this story because my Yahoo Contributor Network account expires today. The link for it is right here: