Change Is in the Air

A return to old-school Blackcatloner video making this week with another trip to the Canal Trail as well as celebrating the return of Crystal Pepsi and discovering a rare 80’s TV series. Also I rant about YouTube’s newest rules regarding ad revenue.


Another Year, Another Super Bowl

This week’s episode includes everything from the Super Bowl to an uncensored review of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie to more Fanboy News featuring Megan Fox dressed up in a sexy schoolgirl outfit to Mr. Hater ranting about Valentine’s Day and a rant about the state of today’s youth.

Welcome to 2015

My debut hour-long episode of vlogs that I have been meaning to get to but haven’t gotten around to. First up, how 2014 went for me, a new segment where I talk about the Stephen King novel Revival, my thoughts on the Star Wars: Episode 7 teaser trailer, what Back to the Future Part 2 got right and wrong about 2015, an anti-smoking rant, and a couple of reshot videos including a video on how to survive on YouTube, the return of Mr. HaterĀ and more.