Cat Food Now!- #2- 7/16/17

I find out my cat isn’t eating the cat food I bought for her so I end up buying her some different food


Starting All Over Again- #1- 7/15/17

A new chapter in my YouTube career begins as I start my new daily vlog series One Lone Cat.

First up: I lay down some ground rules and I give my cat Crumb a new cat toy.

Theme music is a track called “1975” by Josh Kirsch and it can be found in the YouTube Audio Library.

Cat in the Ceiling!

While I was making dinner, my brother-in-law’s cat, Mama Cat decided to find her way through a removable panel that I have in the bathroom near the shower and she managed to poke her head through the ceiling in the kitchen just as I was fixing dinner. I heard this meowing and then I saw her head poking out. And it just so happened that I had my handy dandy camcorder downstairs at the time so I could capture the moment and after work the next morning, I ran it through the ol’ Movie Maker and I put it up on YouTube.