A Turkey Tale

So good to be back blogging again, especially after the mess that was last week, with Thanksgiving, not to mention Black Friday behind me, but that doesn’t mean that the holidays are over. In fact, it’s just beginning.

When I said that last week was going to be a rough week, I could not have been more right, especially on Black Friday. But before I get to that, the first part of the week was really hectic, especially with getting everything ready for Black Friday. Everything was really hectic and that is probably the only word I would use to describe it. I guess details of this part is unnecessary.

Of course there were a few bright spots. Of course Thanksgiving is always good. I actually had three Thanksgiving dinners. I had one at my house Thursday night. Then later on when I went to work before all the chaos hit, they had Thanksgiving dinner there. Then I had my third one when I went to my folks’ house last weekend. My brother came up and we had a good time. I taught my brother-in-law how to email because he needed to email eBay about something while I were there. Afterwards, I could hardly stay awake, partly because of the tryptophan from the turkey, so when I got home, I basically crashed.

Well, now on to Black Friday, every department store employee’s worst nightmare. Basically I spent that night in electronics getting everything ready because electronics is usually where everyone goes on Black Friday. People began coming in as early as before lunch and by the time I got back from lunch, I was practically boxed in because there were so many people there. It got really bad just before five a.m. when the Black Friday sale officially began. It was as if Bedlam had broken loose. Then again, that’s what it’s like every year. And once again, I came out of it in one piece, luckily. Unfortunately, I missed out on the pizza they usually have afterwards because I’m off on Fridays, but on the bright side, I did get three Black Friday DVD’s the next morning before I had to go down to my folks’.

I had yet another really bizarre thing happen to me on Saturday. At Wally World on Saturday morning, I also had to pick up another card for my Tracfone. I was expecting to get a 30-minute card because they’re only ten bucks. I get there and there’s none. The cheapest card I could get for the phone was a 60-minute card and that’s twenty bucks. I probably would have gone somewhere else but I was down to two minutes at the time so I had no choice but to buy the card.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, I had some difficulty putting on the minutes. I usually call on the pay phones at work to add the minutes after I buy the card and usually, it is an automated message. Well, that day I used the pay phones up in front of the store and I couldn’t hear or understand what the customer service guy at Tracfone was saying when I went to add my minutes and the minutes didn’t add. I left the store and when I got to the pay phone by the jail, I tried it again. I got another representative and this time, I got the minutes added on.

And that was pretty much my Thanksgiving week. Hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving and hopefully the rest of the weeks leading up to Christmas won’t be as hectic as the last week was for me.


The Premonition

Well, here I am at HCCC on this chilly Sunday night before I have to go to work which I am definitely not looking forward to, and this week is probably going to be the worst week yet because this week is Thanksgiving week, which means Black Friday, my sixth since I began working at Wally World. This week is very clearly not a week that I am looking forward to, but then again, I usually don’t look forward to going to work, especially not in the last two years.

Last night, I went back to Ilion Little Theater for the last performance of the play, “The 1940’s Radio Hour.” Of course that night things were slightly complicated. My sister’s car broke down and I ended up hiking out to the Stables that night and after the play, hiking back to Herkimer. As I have mentioned before in another blog, I used to commute on my own two feet between Ilion and Herkimer all the time back when I was living there. Usually it takes me between forty-five minutes to an hour, depending on traffic and weather conditions. On the way back though, I had to stop off at Subway when I got back into Herkimer, so I ended up getting home around midnight last night. Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

I don’t really know what my plans are for this week other than the obvious event which I have stated at the beginning of this blog. Both HCCC and the Basloe Library are closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday so I will probably have more time to work on my book. Also, depending on weather conditions, I am probably heading back to the Historical Society on Friday and I think that they are open on Saturdays starting this weekend until Christmas so I have a place to go and work on my book.

Usually, I use Black Friday as an excuse to go and get some DVD’s, especially since a lot of them are usually priced at about three or four bucks. I’m sure that they will have a lot of other things there that I need but can’t afford. One thing that I am probably going to miss is the pizza they give out afterwards because I am going to be off on Friday night. Beyond that, I’m not really going to miss too much.