Crazy Cat Man- 9/11/17

I get a visit from another cat at my house and I give out some more updates.


Needed a Break- 8/30/17

I return from taking three days off to talk about a copyright claim and to unveil this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday who is fitness model Kiana Tom.

Hot Weather, Hot Chicks

I filmed this vlog over the weekend when it was 90 degrees out. I talk about my approval of summer’s arrival as well as give out an update on my impending movie, including a topic I am debating about whether or not to include in the movie because it has ties to my origin on the web or do a separate video: The famous American Tragedy murder case.

Closing music during the Myers Park clips courtesy of iMovie.

Tomorrow I am uploading my next riff: A riff on the infamous 1930’s movie “Sex Madness.” Hope you will enjoy it and I figure I’d give you a little advanced warning: That riff is nearly an hour long.