A Walk Through Herkimer

Today’s Throwback Thursday video is a vlog from 2010 where I take a moment while walking home from work to show off my town of Herkimer. Plus I share a really weird story of what happened when I took a walk to work one night.


Blackcatloner Reviews The LEGO Movie and the Robocop Remake





A double-feature review where I review the latest hit phenomenon The LEGO Movie and the remake of Robocop.

UPDATE: Since I was unable to reedit the video so I could put it up on the site because of the poor video quality, I had to convert the video to MP3 and reupload it as a podcast. It is downloadable from the site and it’s free.

Not a Blackcat Was Stirring…

In this classic vlog from 2012, Blackcatloner talks about how he spent his Christmas and shares a customized Christmas carol from Utica.

The 12 Days of Utica Christmas song was written and performed by Dave Wheeler and Keith James. I will be posting the video below this one and for more like that, their channel is http://youtube.com/TownsquareUtica

Anyway, here is the video for the 12 Days of Utica Christmas if you want to watch it after watching my vlog: